Welcome to Brew City Catholic

Enjoy the moment.


We exist to inspire young adults in their 20s and 30s to become close companions of Jesus, who joyfully invite others to walk with them. As an initiative of the Young Adult Ministry Office of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee (Southeastern Wisconsin), our invitation is for you to enjoy this moment, knowing that Christ and the Catholic Church are with you and for you.


It's often a challenge to find out about the amazing opportunities happening in the Milwaukee area, especially if you're new and still building relationships with individuals. You may not know about a group chat, Young Adult website, or apostolate until after hearing about it word of mouth. And that can take some time. We want to create a public and shared space especially where new young adults can see the all of the amazing opportunities. We want to create and share a unified calendar across all of the amazing opportunities here in Milwaukee, hosted by Brew City Catholic and other young adults in the area. It's all for connection- but we know that a screen can never replace in person connections.


We've found Mighty Networks as the best option to help you connect with other young adults in your region and find the kind of opportunities that you want. You'll see specific groups for each county or city, and can search the different for a particular kind of event whether it be prayer, intellectual formation, or sports/recreation. There are so many amazing things going on in the Milwaukee area that it's hard for our Brew City staff to keep up and notify you about everything going on! You'll only get notified about the kind of events that you want, from the different groups you want.